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Emergency Update

By Daily Income Network On September 27, 2012 No Comments

All active DIN members need to watch this emergency update video from Mike Hobbs.


If you were sponsored into DIN by Ben Zimunya, Adam Whiting, Mike Hobbs, Matt Conner, BAMM, or Daily Income Network you may send an email to:

and you will be emailed your EZMM link.

If you are sponsored by someone else PLEASE attempt to get their EZMM link first!  We would like to keep lines of sponsorship in tact when switching to EZMM!

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Want to Work for DIN?

By Daily Income Network On June 20, 2012 No Comments

DIN currently has an open staff position for a call center specialist.

If you think you might be a good fit to work for us, please start the process by filling out this application questionnaire.

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Free Factor and Alertpay Update

By Daily Income Network On May 29, 2012 No Comments

Free Factor has changed their payout per completion to $15 instead of $20.

This was a joint decision made by Daily Income Network and Free Factor in order to increase consistency with the availability of free/instant offers as well as to help increase overall conversions.

By lowering the payout to $15 per completion, Free Factor can bring in many more incentivized free/instant offers that will be consistently available every day of every month.

There has been tremendous volume and demand for the offers that pay out $20 and there just aren’t too many companies left out there that pay out $20 for incentivized and free offers.

With demand and volume of offers being completed increasing on a daily basis, what we noticed was that the advertisers that offered $20 payouts for completion of their free offer were running out of budget very quickly.  When that happened they would pull their offer from Free Factor

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System Updates + Solo Ads-Phase 2 Training Added

By Daily Income Network On May 21, 2012 No Comments

One of the best we ways we know of to get tons of immediate response traffic to your DIN site is through Solo Ads.

Phase 2 Training in the Training Center has been updated with this new content explaining what solo ads are, and how to use them.

We have seen amazing results marketing with solo ads, and now you can too!

This isn’t to say you should skip Phase 1 Training and head straight to this content.  MAKE SURE, you have a solid foundation by completing and IMPLEMENTING the phase 1 training.

Everyone using our system to market should have a DMO (Daily Method of Operation) implemented in their marketing plan.  If you don’t know what that is, then you need to head over to Phase 1 training in the Training Center and get to training!


And now we want to let everyone know just a couple of the many things we are working

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Banners are Here!

By Daily Income Network On May 17, 2012 No Comments

We want to let everyone know that we have been busy updating and adding content to the Tools and Resources section in DIN 2.0 this week including one of our #1 requested items: banner ads!

We have put a few different size banners in there now, but will be adding more soon including animated banners.

To get to the banner ads, navigate in your DIN 2.0 back office to the Tools and Resources section:

Tools and Resources > Marketing Toolbox > Ad Center & Sample Ads > Banner Ads

DIN Sample Banner Ad








We also have put in sample pre-written headlines and ad bodies as well as phone, email and voice broadcasting scripts.

Enjoy the new content, and look forward to much more to come!

Regarding DIN VIP Elite: We hope to get all current VIP Elite’s access to the site and all

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Important Member Update 05-07-12

By Daily Income Network On May 7, 2012 No Comments

Important DIN Updates

We know it has been a while since our admin team last updated you and for that we apologize. We have been very busy behind the scenes bringing DIN 2.0 to life and working out the bugs, creating and loading content and testing the new system.

DIN 2.0 is Here!

DIN 1.0, the first iteration of the Daily Income Network has served us well for the past several months, but DIN 2.0 is now live and we want to make sure everyone has moved over and is using DIN 2.0. We plan on turning off the DIN 1.0 marketing links and account creation this Friday, May 11th. We know there are several people still sending traffic to their old DIN 1.0 capture and landing pages, so we want to give everyone several days to move that traffic over to their new DIN 2.0 capture and landing page links.
DIN 2.0

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Last Chance Extended – Only 24 Hours Left!

By Daily Income Network On April 1, 2012 No Comments

We are extending the last chance to get your life-time VIP upgrade, and the absolute deadline to take advantage of this one-time $47 VIP upgrade is Monday at Midnight!

If you haven’t taken advantage yet, do so now at:

This will never, EVER be offered again!

If you don’t upgrade to VIP before the deadline Monday night, you will have to pay $29.95 PER MONTH to hold VIP membership in Daily Income Network.

We also want our members to know that we are still hard at work to bring you the new version of Daily Income Network!

Right now, we have been slightly delayed in getting everything ready for you by Clickbank.  Their normal product approval process is now taking weeks instead of days on their end and is completely out of our control.

As you can understand, we cannot bring you to DIN 2.0 until Clickbank is fully integrated in DIN as

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DIN 2.0 and LAST CHANCE Lifetime VIP Upgrade!

By Daily Income Network On March 22, 2012 No Comments

DIN Members,

We are very pleased to announce that the new version of DIN is just one week away!

We completely overhauled the current version of the site in almost every way, and ALL for the better!  Not only will your DIN site look better and work much more smoothly, but we also revamped the entire sales funnel that will drastically increase your conversions.

With the new version of the site we are adding a residual income stream with the VIP upgrade so that the VIP upgrade will now cost $29.95/month of which we will pay you as the referring affiliate 75% commission ($20).

What does this mean for you?

If you are not a VIP member yet, then this is your LAST CHANCE to upgrade to VIP for a one-time $47 lifetime VIP membership in DIN!  One week from today, we will be taking this offer away forever and if you wish

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Did You Miss It? (REPLAY READY)

By Daily Income Network On March 1, 2012 No Comments

The webinar Mike Hobbs put on last Tuesday night was a HUGE HIT!

If you missed it, you can grab the recording
here: ==>

We ended up spending 3 HOURS breaking
down our “super-secret” strategy for closing
a TON of sales using Facebook PPC…

…and now we want to give you access to
the recording (and some great bonuses)
before the price jumps to $97 on Friday.

Here are all the bonuses we’re including
with the “Jedi Facebook Ads” recording…

1.) Technophobia Training Videos:
-How to create your first Facebook Fan page
-How to set up our secret “no opt-in form” application
-How to create Facebook ad images lightning fast!

2.) Full Written Notes from the Webinar
and Step-by-Step Written Training on:
-How to create your Facebook Fan page using a landing tab
-The 5 key ingredients to a good Facebook ad
-How to select the right keywords for your product

3.) HUGE Primary

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Special “Tell-All” Facebook Marketing Event Feb 21st

By Daily Income Network On February 17, 2012 No Comments

Daily Income Network’s newest admins, Adam Whiting and Mike Hobbs will be putting on a very special paid “tell-all” training event this coming Tuesday, Feb 21st at 8pm EST.

This crazy, and we mean CRAZY GOOD Facebook marketing strategy will blow you away!  We have already been testing it since Adam and Mike joined the team and the results are mind blowing!  Read on for more info…and GET REGISTERED!



Hey it’s Adam

I’ve got to make this story super short..

My biz partner, Mike Hobbs says to me about

a week ago “Adam, I’ve closed 36 sales in the

last 7 days from a list of only 155 people…”


My response.. After a couple seconds of dead

silence trying to think of how he could possibly

have a conversion rate that high. (over 23%!)


I simply said “We’re they on our list already?”


Because to my knowledge, that’s one of the

ONLY ways to close over 20% of your

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